Master Classes

12:30 Insta-Worthy Cheeseboards – @LaFemmeFromage Ellian Rohrbacher

Cheeseboards are a welcome treat for most occasions and a showstopper during the holidays. Ellian Rohrbacher, owner of La Femme Fromage – cheese catering/events and Cheese Manager at New Seasons Market Sellwood would like to show you simple ways to elevate your cheese board game. In this class, Ellian will share her passion for entertaining with local cheeses and mouthwatering pairings that deserve a spot on your next cheeseboard.

2:30 Cheese and Drinks – Steve Jones

Cheese and wine are a classic combination, but many cheeses taste even better with beer or cider. Steve Jones, proprietor of the Portland- based Cheese Bar and Chizu (cheese served sushi- style), has been successfully matching cheeses with alcoholic beverages for more than two decades. In this Master Class you’ll taste some of his favorite cheeses, pairing each with the beverage that brings out the best in both. Jones provides a treasure trove of delectable, often surprising pairings, as well as simple steps for successful experimentation.

4:30 Riesling: Cheese’s Perfect Mate – Melissa Hotchkiss and Sarah Munly

Riesling expert Melissa Hotchkiss and Cheese Bar’s Sarah Munly share their passion for the magic that happens when cheese and one of the world’s most misunderstood grape varieties come together. Guests will taste through six Oregon cheeses of different styles paired with six Rieslings.